Cyfieithiad Saesneg: 79 - Y Breuddwyd

The Dream

As I was slumbering in a secluded place,
I will tell it without concealment,
I saw at dawn and break of day
4a dream on the brink of morning.
I thought I was roaming
with a pack of hounds at my hand,
walking the regions and lands
8I knew all day long,
and that I went down into a forest,
fine palace, not like a churlish serf's house.
I released the dogs straightaway
12into the trees, as it seemed to me.
I was a good huntsman, so I thought,
true serious skill.
I heard the cries, fierce voices,
16constant singing, of dogs in pursuit.
I saw a white hind above fields,
I was delighted by the chase,
and a pack of hunting dogs in full cry
20after it, unerring their course.
The perfectly formed hind made for the hill
and went over two ridges and a height
and again over the slopes
24full tilt its course like a stag,
and came tamely at last
to seek sanctuary with me, and I was so excited.
Naked nostrils—then I woke up.
28I was there in the shack, a lustful man.

As soon as daylight came the next day
I went to seek an interpreter nearby.
I was fortunate enough to find
32a righteous old woman when it was day.
I told her everything I had seen,
omen of the night.

'By God, wise woman, if you could
36put an end to this enchantment,
I would consider none to be your equal,
I suffer a hundred pangs, I am without hope.'

'O hopeless one, your dream
40is a good one, if you are a true man:
the dogs you saw plainly
at your hand, if you only knew their pleading language,
are your envoys, certain course,
44your bold love messengers,
and the white hind is the lady
you loved, colour of sunlit foam.
It is quite certain that she will come
48to seek sanctuary with you, and may God bless you.'