Cyfieithiad Saesneg: 12 - Englynion i Ifor Hael

Englynion to Ifor Hael

In generosity, my lord, my Nudd and my battle fortress
and my fine stag so generous with valuables,
Afarwy, punisher of the insolence of serfs,
4 one is worthless compared to princely Ifor.

In bravery with swift sword, clear expression,
and the ability to turn the tide of battle,
in sudden great attack, my fine fortress,
8two are worthless compared to ardent Ifor.

In wisdom, there is no Frenchman closer to him
than the distance from France to the Isle of Man,
to repulse a malicious argument,
12three are worthless compared to Ifor yonder.

In meekness, fortune and faith and charity,
and loving his poet,
four are worthless, good-natured stag,
16 compared to Ifor, Ovid's fine language.

In nobility, lineage, straight and pure man,
and frequent success without fail,
in hawks, high stock,
20 five are forever worthless compared to Ifor.

In strength, my hero, fine fair mighty chieftain
wearing a fine iron helmet,
boar of battle to afflict strong warriors,
24 six are worthless compared to fierce Ifor.

In beauty, strong dignified bountiful ruler,
haughty-natured aristocrat,
I am his poet, in profound skill,
28 seven are worthless compared to elegant Ifor.

In dignity of office, arranger of a poet,
poets' companion and their shelter,
affliction of battle to strike a traitor,
32 eight are worthless compared to manly Ifor.

In the feats which I love most in a man,
I judge him to be like an eagle,
in frequent and most willing gifts,
36 nine are worthless compare to princely Ifor.

In splendour, my lord of the same spirit as Foulke,
Glamorgan's great support,
any man is worthless, marvelous intent,
ten are worthless compared to tall Ifor.